About Us

Al Ihsan Relief (AIR) - A background

Al Ihsan Relief, A South African based NGO, was established to provide basic aid and assistance to people facing calamities, disasters and conflicts, in various parts of the world. The organisation provides a variety of services, such as relief, humanitarian, welfare and empowerment initiatives. Among the key objectives of the organisation is to serve those who are most vulnerable and needy, such as the disabled, aged, orphans, widows and others.

Al Ihsan Relief comprises of a dedicated group of officials and volunteers who respond swiftly to crises whenever and wherever they occur. Relief operations are conducted by providing medication, clothing, blankets, food parcels, female and baby items, tents, etc. to the victims. In some instances, rebuilding of infrastructure such as clinics, hospitals, homes, businesses, shelters, etc. is also undertaken. Al Ihsan Relief  aspires to co-operate and network with other organisations for the common good and benefit of humanity. Working closely and in partnership with local agencies, Al Ihsan Relief has been able to reach people promptly and effectively in their hour of need.

The organisation also encourages people to empower themselves and become self-sufficient, whenever possible. Through its empowerment initiatives individuals are empowered with skills, aids and finances to enable them to become independent.

The organisation is purely humanitiarian. It is apolitical. It is non-sectarian and strives to serve solely for the upliftment and betterment of humanity.