About Us

About Us:

Al Ihsan Relief, A South African based NGO, was established to provide basic aid and assistance to people facing calamities, disasters and conflicts, in various parts of the world. The organisation provides a variety of services, such as relief, humanitarian, welfare and empowerment initiatives. Among the key objectives of the organisation is to serve those who are most vulnerable and needy, such as the disabled, aged, orphans, widows and others. The organisation is purely humanitarian. It is apolitical. It is non-sectarian and strives to serve solely for the upliftment and betterment of humanity.

Al Ihsan Relief comprises of a dedicated group of officials and volunteers who respond swiftly to crises whenever and wherever they occur. Relief operations are conducted by providing medication, clothing, blankets, food parcels, female and baby items, tents, etc. to the victims. In some instances, rebuilding of infrastructure such as clinics, hospitals, homes, businesses, shelters, etc. is also undertaken.

Our Activities

From amongst some of the noteworthy work which AIR has undertaken in the past is providing relief to the displaced Rohingyan people who were brutally forced from their homes in Myanmar and driven into the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. The AIR team was amongst the first responders who availed aid to these desperate people and has been on the ground providing food, shelter, sanitisation, water wells and other relief. To date hundreds of bamboo houses, water wells and washrooms have been built. Many families also received ongoing support as they sought to rebuild their lives. Together with the international relief work undertaken by Al Ihsan Relief, assistance has also been offered locally in South Africa to communities affected by fires, storms, floods and droughts.

Our Ongoing Projects

Besides disaster situations, Al Ihsan Relief seeks to provide assistance to people through a variety of ongoing and sustainable projects. Some of these projects are:

Feed-a-Pupil Project: This project aims at providing sandwiches to children at schools. Through a dedicated network, sandwiches are prepared and delivered to the students so that their school day may pass happily learning on a full belly.

Feed-a-Patient Project: Provides biscuits, water, fruit etc to the ill and sickly in hospitals and at clinics

Sponsor-a-Blanket: Seasonal Projects like the “Sponsor-a-Blanket” is part of Al Ihsan Relief’s winter relief program.

Feed-the Needy: Provides hot meals to hundreds of hungry people dwelling in our midst per week. Many of the recipients do not have a proper meal in a day. Feeding is also done at various institutions upon arrangement.

Sponsor-a-Kajoor: The Sponsor-a-Kajoor Pack program provides thousands of dates to Masjids, Madrasahs and prisons during Ramadan. This program is run nationally.

Operation H20: In times of water-crisis, shortages and droughts, bottled water is distributed to the most needy.

Iftaar Feeding: Many people have no issue fasting in the day but it is a meal in the evening to break their fast on that they do not have. Throughout the month of Ramadan, Al-Ihsan Relief works to provide poor and needy families with food to break their fast.


Al Ihsan Relief aspires to co-operate and network with other organisations for the common good and benefit of humanity. Working closely and in partnership with local agencies, Al Ihsan Relief has been able to reach people promptly and effectively in their hour of need. AIR relies on the generous support and contributions of our noble donors. Please support us with duas and contributions. JazakAllah


Al Ihsan Relief has branches in:
1. Durban
2. Cape Town
3. Johannesburg