can-stock-photo csp13363557Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh - Sitting on the dusty floor of a ramshackle tent in Kutupalong - one of Bangladesh's largest Rohingya refugee camps - Rajuma struggles to contain her grief as she describes the night her baby son was brutally murdered.

burma b7 1Despite widespread international condemnation, the country's leaders appear to maintain support in their home country

Burma’s treatment of Rohingya Muslims has lead to widespread condemnation from the international community, with the United Nations (UN) calling their treatment “textbook ethnic cleansing”.

Monday, 09 October 2017 12:55

Rohingya: “We are starving”

starveRohingya trapped inside Myanmar say thousands are starving and in need of medical care in northern Rakhine State, where a half-million majority Muslim ethnic Rohingya have fled an army crackdown and communal violence.

stock-photo-boat-capsized-136524122Cox's Bazar - At least 12 people died and scores were missing on Monday after a boat packed with Rohingya refugees - many of them children - capsized, the latest tragedy to strike those fleeing violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state.