australiaAustralia is promising thousands of dollars to Rohingya refugees who agree to return to Myanmar, a country that has been accused of ethnic cleansing against the Muslim minority.Asylum seekers in the Australian-run detention centre on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island, have been pressured by officials to return to their home countries, even if they face violence.

food aidUnofficial handouts cause ‘chaos’ as refugee camp populations swell,Three people have been killed during a stampede for aid outside a Rohingya refugee camp, according to agencies.

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims encircled by hostile Buddhists in Rathedaung township are pleading for a secure way out.

Refugees who fled Myanmar endure dire conditions at impromptu camps as they wait for aid amid torrential rain.
Balukhali, Cox's Bazar – Hundreds of Rohingya, including children, were jostling to get hold of aid packages being thrown from trucks at Balukhali in the Bangladeshi city of Cox's Bazar bordering Myanmar.
Saturday, 16 September 2017 17:05

Gale Force winds in KZN

GALE force winds have wrought havoc in and around Durban with several collapsed trees being reported. Photos of the destruction have surfaced on social media. Kyle van Reenen of Marshall Security, has urged motorists and residents to be vigilant.

Saturday, 16 September 2017 13:59

A swift response to fire at KwaMashu

Al Ihsan Relief (AIR) Team provided 120 Blankets to displaced people at Ward 46 Kwa Mashu after a fire incident which occurred on Saturday 16/9/2017, destroying 80 dwellings and affecting over 120 people. Mr Zamani Mtshali from Ethekwini Disaster Management and Councillor Lindiwe Ncanyana facilitated the distribution on behalf of Al Ihsan Relief today. 
_Al Ihsan Relief (AIR) - in conjunction with Darul Ihsan Centre, Durban, South Africa_
Burma has in short, our ideal Brexit deal – full single market access, while not having to give anyone freedom of movement. Not even its own citizens, if they happen to be Rohingya Muslims“Can you find a better word to describe it?" 
Several thousand people joined the rally at Doratana area of the district town
If you haven’t been paying much attention to events in Myanmar recently, you might be shocked or surprised by Aung San Suu Kyi.
Entire villages are being burned down in an orchestrated campaign, it is claimed Security forces in Burma are using scorched-earth tactics to drive out Rohingya Muslims, new evidence appears to show.
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